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Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions presented here refer to the legal terms to make use of this site, www.tradian.net. 

Read carefully all the presented terms and conditions, to navigate and use the site's services you agree to all terms referenced here.


1. Our services


Our services allow the user to place your company, its products and/or services, as well as contact, buy and/or contract services to other users and create a network of contacts between the users of the Tradian platform.


As services we also perform at the request of the of the premium subscriptions users, catalogs and also advertising the products and companies within the Tradian platform.


The act of making an order in the platform, is a relationship between the supplier and the buyer. Therefore it means that the supplier is not the Tradian Platform the legal representative for the sale of products to the user.


2. Users


Users of the Tradian platform must be of legal age, have constituted a company or be collected in the finance’s or equivalent depending on the country of origin, as referred to in paragraph 1. Users have full responsibility for what they publish on the Tradian platform as well following orders or requests for services. 

It is not allowed the use of inappropriate language, use of inappropriate images, and offend sensibilities and cultures. Under penalty of temporary suspension to expulsion from the Tradian platform, without any repayment of subscriptions and marketing investments on the platform.


3. Our responsibilities 

The Tradian platform is responsible for what is provided in these legal terms described here, but not responsible for what is not here.


4. Products and User Services


Products exhibited at Tradian platform should be described (with the exception of users of the free service as this option is not available in great extent) as detailed as possible with the best use of true features provided by the platform. The pictures must correspond with reality. The user by providing defective products is required to change a product according to the legal standards in force.


A buyer has legal rights with respect to purchased product defects and should be informed about their rights.


As mentioned earlier the Tradian platform has no responsibility about the products and services sold by its users. We only have responsability about our service packages (subscriptions, advertising and customer support in creating catalogs).


Products or services must comply with the law in force in the country of origin of each user supplier and/or buyer.


You may report the Tradian platform what you understand to be a misuse by another user, both as supplier and consumer.


5. Delivery Orders


When you do the order you will receive an email with confirmation of your order, and will be in your account register in the Tradian platform.


6. Registry information and cookies


The information given when you register on the platform are merely for identification. The Tradian platform commits with compromise and honor, not to disclose this information to external identities to the platform. The Tradian platform uses cookies.


7. Shipping & international deliveries


Deliveries are the sole responsibility of the supplier and delivery company chosen to do the delivery. Tradian can intervene on the platform with punishments from blocking to the exclusion of users who do not comply with the delivery, if such fact are proven, not intervening in any other ways.


8. Returns


The act of return, as already stated in paragraph 7 is part of the relationship between supplier/client. The return must be made in accordance with the laws in force.


9. Advertising


Announcing in the Tradian platform agree’s with the terms and conditions of advertising.


10. Business Network


When using a subscription from the Tradian platform, the user enjoys an advanced network and to use it agrees with the network terms and conditions.